We are commanded in Mark 16:15 to “go into to all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” The country of Kenya in East Africa is truly an open door for the Gospel. People are hurting, hungry and hopeful and the Gospel is helping them find the answer to life’s most important questions.   


Roy had the privilege of spending 14 days, preaching, teaching and ministering in two of Kenya’s larger cities, Kisumu & Eldoret during October and November 2013.  He trained pastors and Christian leaders at Pastor’s Training Conferences in both cities.                                                                                                                                               











Roy also preached afternoon Evangelistic Crusades in Eldoret and Sunday morning worship services in Kisumu & Eldoret. About 100 souls came to know Christ as personal Savior. Glory be to God!


Roy will be returning to Africa for 4 weeks in 2014 ministering in Singida, Tanzania,  3 cities in Uganda including the capital city Kampala, and Eldoret, Kenya. He’ll be conducting Pastors & Leaders Conferences in 5 different cities and also Evnagelistic Crusades. Prayers for this great outreach in AFRICA is appreciated. 




Seminar Profile


Hope you find things of interest as you browse through the site. There are drop down menus for most of the tabs above which will direct you to a number of ministries and writing activities which Roy is involved in. Especially note the MINISTRIES, Contact Roy, and 2014/15 Schedule tabs. Roy’s heart’s desire is to help pastors and churches move forward in Christ’s Kingdom. He would be honored to come along side as you seek to serve Christ and His Church.

roy14Dr. Roy W. Harris

Roy has over 30 years ministry experience. He’s served as a pastor, higher Christian educator, and denominational leader on local, state and national levels. He has spoken in 38 states, Europe, Israel and  Africa and ministering in over 400 churches. Roy has a wide range of experience and his passion is to help churches grow by better understanding the world they are ministering in. He focuses on strengthening marriages, helping men become spiritual leaders in their homes, developing leaders in the church, and the ministry of encouragement. He does this through church growth seminars/revivals, marriage enrichment services/retreats, men’s retreats and caregiver encouragement days. Roy would love to talk with you about how he might encourage you and your minsitry For a detailed list of avenues of ministry Roy would be honored to serve you with, please note the MINISTRIES TAB multiple level drop down menus above.

Please click on Contact Roy for Roy’s contact information.

Living Beyond Grief Conference

Final Cover

At the request of many pastors and caregivers, Roy developed a seminar/workshop titled LIVING BEYOND GRIEF. As a veteran pastor and one who has firsthand knowledge of what caregiver’s experience, Roy shares practical insight and suggestions to help and encourage caregivers. He also helps pastors, family members, church family and friends understand what caregivers experience and how they can come alongside caregivers during this traumatic time in their lives.
The seminar contains the following: (The seminar and seminar notes are free and the Caring for the Caregiver book is available at a reduced price.)
Part 1. LIVING WHILE GIVING – Helps Caregivers remember they are not alone. God is with them and has not forgotten them. It lets them know that biblically it’s ok to have unusual feelings and also to tell God what they are feeling. It gives practical “caregiver principles” on how to take better care of themselves, accept help from others and successfully navigate through these difficult waters.
Part 2. LIVING THROUGH DEATH – Helps the Caregiver better understand how to face the approaching death of a loved one. This session also helps those who’ve lost loved ones come to grips with many of their feelings. It helps them better understand the stages of grief which many people pass through. It gives practical suggestions on how to live through grief, recover from it and move on with life.
Part 3. THE ROLE OF OTHERS – Helps Pastors, family members, church family and friends understand their roles in helping and encouraging Caregivers and those who’ve lost a loved one. This session gives biblical reinforcement to the church’s role in helping those who help others. It “opens eyes” to how caregivers and grievers may be helped.
Part 4. Q & A – Provides an opportunity for Caregivers, Pastors, church family and friends to ask questions and offer comments about: Caregiving in general, the Caregiver’s responsibilities, the Church’s responsibility, the Family’s responsibilities, etc.
This seminar is offered as a help and encouragement (adjusted to time available). It has been sponsored by Local Churches (3 sessions – SS/Sunday morning & evening services), District Associations and State Associations – For more Information:
Please click on Contact Roy for Roy’s contact information.

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