Personal Bio

          Dr. Roy W. Harris      

Roy is a veteran Free Will Baptist Pastor, having pastored churches in North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee. He is a graduate of Welch College holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in pastoral training & history. He also holds a Master of Ministry degree from Welch College and a Ph.D. in Pastoral Ministry from Trinity Theological Seminary. (CLICK ON Roy’s Doctoral Dissertation for his PH.D to view his dissertation.) Roy’d dissertation is was about Caregivers and the movement through the grieving process.


Roy has served in various leadership roles on local, state and national levels. He served as moderator or assistant moderator in all but one of the local associations he pastored in. He chaired ordaining councils, served as moderator of the North Carolina State Association of FWBs and served on or chaired several committees at state and national conventions. He served sixteen years on the staff, faculty and administration of Welch College. Roy served as Executive Administrator of the National Association of Free Will Baptists planning the Free Will Baptist National Convention and also the FWB National Leadership Conference.

Roy is a writer, journalist and published author. He is one of the original writers for Randall House’s new online Bible study curriculum called ACCESS and is also published in Randall House’s FUSION Magazine. Roy writes a regular inspiration column  for Wilson Living Magazine and is a published writer in ONE Magazine. He has also been published in several Free Will Baptist State Association publications. His book  Caring for the Caregiver; a book designed to help those providing primary care for terminally ill loved ones, is now available in 29 countries around the world.


Roy is a nationally known conference, retreat and revival speaker who focuses on encouraging and helping churches, church leaders, couples, men’s groups and caregivers. He preached at Welch College’s annual Bible Conference and also was a keynote speaker at the Free Will Baptist National Convention in Little Rock, AR. Roy has spoken in 38 states, Europe, Israel, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda in over 400 churches, civic organizations, schools and colleges


Roy’s has a pastor’s heart and a desire to help pastors and churches.


Contact Information

Phone 615-351-1425