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 Roy was asked to write a “Guest Article” on how he and his wife ended up living in Wilson County TN   (“A Caregiver’s Blind Date” listed first below). After the article was submitted, Roy was then asked to become a regular feature writer preparing   a new  “Inspiration Section” for future issues. A fe article titles appear below. Wilson Living Magazine has about a 50,000 copy circulation. Please click on the links below to read online versions of the articles that appeared in the magazine. Roy continue writing articles published in Wilson Living Magazine for 5 years. 

             March/April 2010                

A Caregiver’s Blind Date

May/June 2010

              “The Greatest of These – Love” 

July/August 2010

America The Great” 


Miracle In Chicago


November/December 2010

“Leader Of The Pack”

January/February 2011

Criticism – Who Needs it?

March/April 2011



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