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Wonderful! Must read for caregivers. by fsp
I read this book while caring for my husband after brain surgery and duing his cancer treatment. Someone out there truly knows my feelings, my fears, my prayers! He puts words to feelings I have not been able to express.What a help and a blessing this book has been. Everyone will know someone who will benefit from this book. Most all of us are caregivers at some point in our lives, whether it be a spouse, parent, child or friend.

While most books are written to encourage the patient, Mr. Harris looks into the hearts of those that are expected to encourage and tend to the needs of loved ones while they are ill. This is not just information but knowledge that comes from experience. It is a touching and moving book full of wisdom and insight all the while telling a wonderful love story.

An execellent read for caregivers and for those who would support and council them.

Also a wonderful gift for someone who is hospital sitting.

I highly recommend this book.

Inspiration Indeed! by HMB

If you are a Caregiver in any way, this book is a keeper indeed! Personally speaking from hands on experience, sometimes the Caregiver needs a Caregiver and this book was full of inspiration, laughter, tears and many helpful resources for me. I highly recommend this book to fill the hands of caregivers everywhere! Roy shared his own personal experience to allow the reader to associate with situations and then moves to bring the reader tremendous help, hope and healing with each chapter. I was indeed blessed to have a copy in my hands. I am so thankful that Roy’s hands were moved to write this book to give care to the Caregivers! Would make a wonderful gift to share! Thank you Roy!
A must read . . . . by linda hollingsworth
“Caring for the Caregiver” may very well become the Bible for caregivers. Roy Harris has writiten a readable true story conveying his insights as he faithfully walked the long, lonely road of being a caregiver to his wife who battled cancer for three years. This book poignantly and courageously conveys the physical, emotional and spirital toll of being a caregiver and strikes a good balance in the heartfelt, yet practical, side of caregiving. A must read for those of us who are presently on the caregiving journey as well as those who are being cared for.

 Highly Recommend –   I purchased a copy of Caring for the Caregiver because I personally know the author, Roy W. Harris. Once I read it, I quickly realized that this book stands to be the greatest help, outside of the Bible, to those caring for loved ones or friends. I appreciate the raw emotions, transparency and honesty with which Mr. Harris writes. The Caregiver Principles at the end of each chapter provides guidance and help as one seeks to apply the lessons from each chapter. I highly recommend every caregiver read this book. Reuben Cason, Pastor White Oak Hill Free Will Baptist Church.

Caring for the Caregiver by TChristian
Roy Harris has done a marvelous job in expressing the practical needs of someone caring for a loved one. This easy-to-read book outlines suggestions and encouragement that will help anyone facing that very difficult time in their lives. Caring for the Caregiver is a great book for anyone who has the responsibility of attending to a person who is sick or injured long-term. Laymen and medical personnel alike will benefit from reading it.
This book will help you… by Glenn Poston
Roy Harris’ book is a “must read” for those watching someone they love go through a terminal illness. This book is not about the terminally ill, it’s about the caregivier who attends to the terminally ill. Most of us forget about how much the caregiver suffers too, especially when the caregiver is a long term spouse. You will not be able to put this book down, until you have read every word.
 Great Read/Practical Insights –                                        by Timothy Campbell       –       This is a very helpful book for not just those who are going through the loss of a loved one, but for those who are experiencing various kinds of difficulties. The book is not only helpful but personal. I have ordered a case to hand out to people going through difficulties.

Hey Roy:

I did receive your great! book “Caring for the Caregiver” and have read it.
Oh my, thank you for sharing your first hand experience.  God is the healer of  our broken hearts for sure…..

The book is very well written and I loved the way you wrote about the
experience then gave advice in between.  It was very moving and touching and  encouraging….most of the time I had to hold the book away from myself as not  to mess up the pages with tears!  I could go on but to God be all glory and  honor I know you would say…Thank you!  Heidi 

Subject: Your book.

I just finished your book, and am sitting here with the tears flowing.  I know
first-hand what a difficult role it is being a caregiver, after my son with
cancer and my mom, and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  A lot  of the old buried emotions that I felt came flooding back as I read your words and remembered feeling and thinking the exact same things.   But I did want to say thanks for sharing so openly what you went through, as well as what Diana went  through.  I know it can’t be easy to share such personal things, but you did  it beautifully.  God bless you Roy Harris, and your family.  We love you.


Mr. Harris,

Thank you so much for the book you sent via our son David.  I started reading one evening and did not put it down until I had finished.  So like our story and I am sure many others also.  We too have been blessed in our 33 years of marriage, even in this trial we find blessings!

You did a wonderful job verbalizing the feelings of caregivers!

Thank you again for a wonderful tool.  Please hold us up in prayer.


Susan                                                                                                        ________________

Roy, you did an absolutely wonderful job in conveying and informing the public with the enormous hardships that cancer, a horrific disease, brings to
the patient and thecaregiver.  I too was blessed with a wonderful caretake like you. But in talking to many women they are not. I pray this book will minister to men and women alike that encounter this type situation.         Your Sister in Christ,   Judith                                                                                                  __________________           


David and I both have completed reading your book, Caring for the Caregiver, and must say that we could not stop until we finished.  It was so sad for me and I started feeling guilty that I did not do more for my Mom.  However, on the other hand, it was so helpful to know that, if I have another chance, I will completely know that God is in charge and He will direct my caregiving.  Your helpful hints; i.e., giving them privacy and dignity to the end were outstanding.  I thought the book was WELL written and appreciate that you would take the time to re-call and write an experience that I know was very painful.

We are blessed to know you.  Thank you so much.

Ann                                                                                                                                       _________ 

Hey Preacher Harris, I just got done reading your book. It was so good, you
did such a great job writing it. I know its really gonna be a big help to
folks who read it–it touched my heart and I’m not even in a situation like
that. But it really was good.  Julia                                                                                                 ____________ 

Hi Roy,

I received my copy of your book on Friday. Cindy and I went to dinner and when we got home, I began reading the book aloud. Cindy listened. She even read for awhile. But this gave us a chance to f=reflect and interact on your story. We read the entire book cover to cover before we went to bed!

Thank you so much for writing your story. You’ve done your wife a great honor and others a great service.  Let’s talk soon, Larry          __________        

Hey Bro Roy,  Just wanted to say the book is super and it really touched my heart.  Diane                                                                                                                              ___________

Got your book Monday … Thank you for the autograph!
Read it through in one sitting. Was exactly as I remembered…
Well-written and very insightful…should be helpful for others.    -MindyLou-             ________

“Mom and I were able today to take 2 copies of your book and donate them to the Marion Shepherd Cancer Society.  The cool thing was the lady who is in charge of the Volunteer Programs had just started a program for the “caregivers” of those with cancer.  She was very excited about being able to use the books!!  Thank you for once again allowing God to use your story to help others.”  Elaine (a cancer survivor)


Doug and Audra Kite loaned us a copy of your book CARING FOR THE CAREGIVER.  I read it in just a few hours, crying over and over. Betty has almost finished it. Knowing you, Diana, and her family made the book most personal.  Roy, you have performed a great service to those who struggle through providing caregiving.  Betty’s dad and my dad waited upon their mates for many years before they were ushered into the Lord’s presence.  Your book would have benefited them, Betty, and me if available at that time.

God bless you as you continue your ministry for the Lord’s glory.

Dennis and Betty Wiggs



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