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Staying on Target


                                                                                     Church Renewal Conferences/Revivals

Staying Relevant to the world around us is a must if we are to reach our generation for Christ. Many of our churches find themselves with aging congregations and young people leaving never to return.

Roy developed Staying Relevant in the 21st Century to help churches take a serious look at how well they relate to the communities they seek to minister to. The services look at where people are now compared to 40 years ago. It helps each individual honestly evaluate his church/ministry, which will help gain an understanding of how well they relate to the people they are trying to reach. With that knowledge in mind, a detailed look at 6 different areas in ministry is done which can make or break a church’s effectiveness in reaching the 21st Century World. The findings are shared with church leaders in detail, helping them to understand the world they are trying to reach, appreciate what is being doing right, and identify ways to enhance the ministry’s ability to reach our world in this century.


Staying Relevant In The 21st Century  is normally presented  in a 4 session weekend format or a 5 session Sunday morning through Wednesday night format. An invitation for specific commitments is given at the close of each service.

Pastor Bob Brown & Roy


Following the meeting, the pastor receives a detailed written snapshot of the church’s:

 Strengths to build on.

Weaknesses to work on.

Opportunities to capitalize on.

Threats which should be addressed immediately.

Specific & Practical Suggestions are given on things the church might do to move forward and realize future growth. For more information please click on Contact Roy below.

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Ahoskie Free Will Baptist Church

Ahoskie, NC

It was an eye-opening experience when Rev. Harris led the church growth revival at our church. He reminded our church why we exist. He explained his detailed findings in easily understood terms as he discussed such things as why people attend church and why they stay. Then he asked our church people to take an honest look at our church and its influence in our community. Rev. Harris helped us look back to the Great Commission, and look out to a community in need of a savior.

Our people are excited, and I’m excited! We have a renewed understanding of the Great Commission and how we can fulfill it in our community. People are eager to make changes and do what’s necessary to help us grow spiritually and numerically.

Rev. Harris is a dear personal friend. He is encouraging and exciting. He has a heart for the local church and its mission in God’s plan.

Jeff Cockrell, Pastor

Ahoskie FWB Church


Center Point Free Will Baptist Church

Vilonia, AR

Greetings Bro Roy:

I want you to know how much I appreciate you for coming to Center Point and sharing with our people the things that we needed to do and change to be able to grow.  Since you were here, we have gone from 90 in attendance on Sunday morning up to 125 in 4 months.  Our people are excited about the future and our church growth team has put together a proposal to bring before the church concerning the changes that we feel are needed to the actual building and grounds to fuel our growth.

Your down to earth style of teaching and your specific suggestions for our church have truly helped us.  I am excited to see where we are a year from now.  Our goals are set, our people are motivated and God is giving the increase.

Greig Caswell, Pastor


First Free Will Baptist Church

Greenwood, AR

I recommend Roy Harris to any of our churches. Bro. Roy is a friend to the pastor and relates well to the people. He is a cold glass of water on a hot summer day to all he ministers to. He not only has read the books but also has been in the trenches and experienced the growth that we all would like to see in our churches. He pointed out the positive things we were doing and brought to our attention what we could improve on and gave us a plan to get where we would like and need to be. It is now my responsibility to implement his suggestions. Through Bro. Roy’s guidance, we have formed a Vision Team made up of key leaders in our church. The purpose of this team is to assist  the pastor in helping the church move forward with the implementation of our plan for growth. We are not where we want to be yet but because of Bro. Roy being with us in our church renewal conference we have a plan to get there.
Jim Walker, Pastor