Written Just for You

Written Just for You

What I Really Want You to Know.


What is the greatest gift one can give to his children and grandchildren? Is it money, gold, silver, houses, land or a large material inheritance? What legacy can one leave that will help them find the keys to happiness, success and contentment?

      Conveying Biblical principles and lessons learned from decades of living is more valuable than material possessions. I believe the greatest legacy one can leave to others is proven keys to happiness, success and contentment that have stood the test of time..

     This book is filled with funny stories, serious stories, life lessons, Biblical truths, moral principles, practical suggestions, advice on personal life, family life, spiritual life, professional life and how to handle finances.

    Here are a few chapter titles. Don’t Run From Your Problems, Never Say Never, Be Honest, You Aren’t Entitled to Anything, Its Never Right To Do The Wrong Thing, Always Do The Right Thing, Be Kind To Others, Take Responsibility For Your Actions, Forgive And Try To Forget, Life Isn’t Fair, Criticism – Who Needs It, Know Christ, You Are Special, Learn The Scriptures, Pray, Understand Your Ego, Be Grateful, Don’t Use Curse Words, Right or Wrong – How Do I Know For Sure? Don’t Live Together Outside of Marriage, Keep Your Word, Strive For Excellence, 10/10/80 – Handle Your Money Well, and You Should Tithe.

This book is a great resource for parents, grandparents, youth leaders, youth groups, pastors, and small groups. It is an easy read that will be enjoyed by anyone.

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