Capital Stewardship

Preparing To Build

Blueprint-First Floor

Do you have the resources to build?

Should you relocate or stay where you are?    

Should you borrow money or try a Capital Campaign? 

How does a Capital Campaign work?

How do you find answers to these questions and others?


 Wisdom dictates that the cost should be counted before entering into any enterprise. The decision to build or relocate a ministry could impact the effectiveness of a ministry for decades. Preparing to Build is a Capital Stewardship plan designed to help find answers to those questions. This is done by involving the entire congregation in the knowledge gathering and fund raising process. This plan will help the minisry understand and take the necessary steps in order to make wise decisions on possible future relocation, construction or fund raising projects. Personal ownership can be acheived by the entire congregation through their involvement in the process.

Roy’s experience in major building or renovation projects in each of the 4 churches he pastored along with his 8 years as the chief fund raiser for Free Will Baptist Bible College, gives him unique insight in how local churches and parachurch organizations can be successful in raising funds and moving forward.

Roy developed a Capital Stewardship Plan specifically designed to help the local church raise the funds needed to build, relocate or do major remodeling.

Roy also developed a Capital Stewardship Plan for parachurch organizations such as Christian Camps, Christian Schools, Christian Colleges etc.

Invite him to share, in a seminar format, with your church or other organization.


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